I'm Ray Spiess

. . . founder and president of Comdyna, Inc.,

since 1968 manufacturer of the GP-6
and other analog computers.

Thank you for visiting us.

We have some sad news. After a 36 year run, we have discontinued the GP-6 production. We will, as long as we can, support the GP-6 with parts and service.

We are continuing to produce the rack mount GP-10 and GP-10S to be used primarily for instrumentation and signal processing applications.

For a general description of the GP-6, go to GP-6 Analog Computer . For a more detailed outline of the GP-6 operations and patch panel, go to GP-6 panel.

For articles and links to laboratories using the GP-6, go to References and Links

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I take this opportunity to thank all the GP-6 users through all these many years of making the GP-6 an important part of controls laboratories, especially those individuals and schools who continue to offer students the opportunities to design their first servo control systems on the analog computer and thus take advantage of the analog computer's unique, teaching properties.





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