From the IEEE Control Systems

Magazine, June 2005, Volume 25,

Number 3, a comprehensive look

back at the history of analog

computing . . .


The GP-6 Analog Computer, Alive but not exactly kicking, an article by Ray Spiess.


Two Reasons Why a Controls Laboratory Needs an Analog Computer, paper by Ray Spiess presented to the American Control Conference, Seattle, Washington, June, 1986.



Comdyna, Inc.




Encyclopedia of Computer Science (general index)




Australian Defense Force Academy . . . Department of Electrical Engineering, Professor Ian Petersen's manual.


University of Bologna

United States

University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

New Mexico State University

Ohio State University, Department of Electrical Engineering

Temple University

University of Colorado (Colorado Springs) . . . multi-plinary disciplinary lab-based controls curriculum.

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee) . . . featuring a video tour of Professor Dan Cobb's laboratory.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute . . . ABET self-study curriculum.



If your laboratory includes a GP-6 or other Comdyna analog computer, may we add a page covering it? If available, please e-mail your URL. If not, we would be happy to prepare a page description with a photograph (if desired.)


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